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Hot melt waterproofing systems have been successfully installed for well over 50 years.

Today, many prestigious buildings in the UK have incorporated a hot melt system and many have chosen IKO Permatec, utilising its numerous benefits which include excellent life expectancy, extreme high performance and competitive installation costs.

The Permatec system provides a tough, flexible, self-sealing membrane which is suitable for use on most protectedmembrane roofs (e.g. inverted or paved roof areas) and structural waterproofing applications.

  • +Key Benefits

    Lifetime performance

    • Formulated to last for the lifetime of the building or structure on which it is installed
    • Long-term waterproofing integrity

    Fully bonded and monolithic

    • Applied as a liquid directly to the deck
    • Completely seamless so no possibility of lap failure

    Flexibility of design

    • No screeds to falls required meaning less cost, weight and time
    • Unaffected by standing water, dilute acids and fertilizers
    • Effective detailing to difficult penetrations like ‘I’ beams, posts etc.

    Safe, speedy installation

    • No two part system to mix
    • No on-site curing requirements
    • Solvent-free formulation

    Ideal for demanding site conditions

    • Excellent low temperature flexibility and adhesion
    • Can be readily applied in low temperatures on a clean, dry, frost-free surface
    • Work can proceed during winter months, minimising lost construction time
    • Permatec is not affected by rain, snow or frost immediately after its application
    • Can be walked on immediately after installation of the system

    Quality workmanship on every project

    • Permatec is installed by trained, registered operatives
    • Dedicated IKO Engineers monitoring site installations
    • Long-term, meaningful guarantees for ultimate peace of mind


"George Griffiths personally supervises his small team, who all work to highly professional standards ensuring that the exacting detailing required by the Museum's heritage architects is always met or exceeded. "
JOHN GLEN, Auckland Museum Facilities Manager // AUCKLAND WAR MEMORIAL MUSEUM


"Mastic asphalt has a long life span of 60 years (source RICS). Fully recyclable, it has a low impact on the environment. Benefits of mastic asphalt are its durable, waterproof, voidless and self compacting."
Pure Asphalt Company Limited – UK