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Mastic Asphalt

20 Year System Guarantee

The Mastic Asphalt product comprises of suitably graded limestone aggregates bound together with asphalt cement (primarily refined bitumen’s) to produce a dense, void less material. It cannot be compacted, and is spread when hot by means of a hand float, rather than rolled.

Mastic Asphalt is an ideal material for a whole range of construction applications, in both new build and refurbishment, where a smooth, seamless, durable surface is required.

It offers total waterproofing integrity for roofing and tanking and acts as a tough working surface in flooring and paving.

Mastic Asphalt is one of the world’s most traditional construction materials and has continued to develop with the times, even in today’s hi-tech building industry.

Today’s modern mastic asphalt contains highly advanced polymer formulations. The Polymer bitumen’s are designed to improve the durability, its temperature susceptibility and its resistance to cracking and stripping when used in products such as mastic asphalt.

Quality product- Pacoflex is produced by Pure Asphalt to British and standards and is manufactured to ISO 9000 Quality management system. It carried a BBA certificate. Pure Asphalt is a member of the Mastic Asphalt council of Britain and Europe.


    • Durability - With all the benefits of traditional mastic asphalt but with a greater flexibility of a modern polymer for a more robust and durable covering.
    • Resistance - A seamless joint free monolithic system with a high resistance to mechanical damage during the construction process
    • Lifespan - Correctly designed and installed will outlast any other system in the market.
    • Proven - Mastic asphalt is one of the oldest waterproofing products used today. It has been used in New Zealand for over 100 years
    • Guarantee - The system carries an unrivalled 20 year system warranty for both materials and workmanship
    • A full range of accessories are included under our comprehensive guarantee which include outlets, vents flashings edge trims and decorative paint coverings
  • +Installers

    Our company supply and install the product you receive on your project. Our dedicated team are time served tradesmen.


    • A dense mass, composed of suitably graded mineral matter - chippings, and/or sand, and/or limestone fine aggregate and/or crushed natural limestone powder and bitumen (natural or issued from crude oil distillation)
    • mastic asphalt, a perfect impermeable mass
    • Mastic asphalt is non toxic (water insoluble) and there fore an ecologic building material
    • Mastic asphalt is basicly - and since ever reusable (recyclable)
    • Some physical attributes of mastic asphalt :


    1 Mass 2 350 kg/m3
    2 Coefficient of cubic expansion 4 / 6 x 10-5/°C
    3 Thermal Conductivity (Design Purpose Lambda Value) 0.5 W/mK
    4 Control of water vapour
    - Resistivity no less than
    - Condensation control

    100 000 MN8/(gm)
    20 000 MN5/(gm)
    5 Specific heat value 1,01 x 103 J/kg K
    6 Impact noise insulation value 7 dB (A) by 25 mm thickness
    7 Electric (antistatic) conductivity resistance 1013 Ohm/cm


    • Employed in all construction works, like roofing, green roofs, podiums and walkways Flooring Screeds and Bridge decks.


"George Griffiths personally supervises his small team, who all work to highly professional standards ensuring that the exacting detailing required by the Museum's heritage architects is always met or exceeded. "
JOHN GLEN, Auckland Museum Facilities Manager // AUCKLAND WAR MEMORIAL MUSEUM


"Mastic asphalt has a long life span of 60 years (source RICS). Fully recyclable, it has a low impact on the environment. Benefits of mastic asphalt are its durable, waterproof, voidless and self compacting."
Pure Asphalt Company Limited – UK