Pacoflex Mastic asphalt podium
Podium Terrace Roof System

Edgerly Apartments

ArchitectsLeuschka Group
ContractorCMP Construction
SystemPacoflex Podium


This high end apartment block in Newmarket needed a low fall reliable waterproofing product for a large podium area.


Leuschka Group with thier knowledge and understanding of Asphaltech products selected Pacoflex Mastic Asphalt for the solution. Knowing the complexity and detail neede to achieve a watertight solution.

"George Griffiths personally supervises his small team, who all work to highly professional standards ensuring that the exacting detailing required by the Museum's heritage architects is always met or exceeded. "
JOHN GLEN, Auckland Museum Facilities Manager // AUCKLAND WAR MEMORIAL MUSEUM
"Mastic asphalt has a long life span of 60 years (source RICS). Fully recyclable, it has a low impact on the environment. Benefits of mastic asphalt are its durable, waterproof, voidless and self compacting."
Pure Asphalt Company Limited – UK